Monday, November 29, 2010

My Engagement Ring!!
Thanksgiving 2010 will never be forgotten!.

The Beginning..

Like I said, it all started at the Milkbarn..
The milkbarn is where we first laid eyes on each other. We knew from that day on that there was something special between us.
We started dating in March of 2008.
On Valentines Day, Zacheri gave me a Promise Ring. I never thought that nine months later I would receive an Engagement Ring!
On Thanksgiving, I received an Engagement Ring!!! the milkbarn! :) I got a call from my dad that morning, him saying he had hauled a dead deer into the milkbarn. He was wanting me to see and take a picture of it, and said we would be gutting and cleaning it later that evening. Zacheri and I got to the milkbarn, I was dead set on finding this deer..I looked to where the milkers were, looking for the deer, I didn't see it..So I turned around, as I shut the door behind me, Zacheri was on one knee! I was so surprised. I just started crying. It was like a dream. But I never did find that deer!