Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 years down...A lifetime to go!

Sorry, still trying to get in the hang of this thing. I almost forgot I had made the blog. :)

3 years down...A lifetime to go!!
Today is 3 years that Zacheri and I have dated!
I have no idea what these last 3 years would be like, for me, without "Z" in my life. He is amazing, everything anyone could ever ask for.

Wedding plans are coming along very well. I had Spring Break two weeks ago, so my sister and I went wedding shopping. We found and ordered bridesmaid dresses and bought bridesmaid shoes. Tuxes have been chosen, now just waiting on July to get here so we can size all the boys...that way they won't gain too much weight and not fit in their tuxes by the time September gets here. :)

Speaking of my sister. I have no idea how we would be accomplishing all these wedding plans without her. She has helped with so much.
She is doing so much for Z and I!!
1. She has taken our engagement pictures.
2. She is maid-of-honor.
3. She is designing our wedding invitations.
4. Planning a personal shower for myself.
5. Will be doing our flowers for the wedding.
6. Decorating the church.
7. Taking before and after pictures from our wedding.
She has A LOT on her shoulders. But as creative and talented as she is, she will do awesome!.
We love you Sis!

I hope to keep our blog as updated as possible! Just bare with me. :)

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